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About Success in Living Life Well

John Patrick Gatton - Consultant in Motivational Environments, Narrator, Author, Storyteller.

Purpose: To share reflections that stimulate the brain and create lively discussions about how to enjoy life. 

Our decisions affect our ability to accept the changes that come in life's natural maturing cycles.


Artistic creation by Alec Gatton

John Patrick Is a Powerful Storyteller

Living Life Well - Practical Tools and Uplifting Stories that Ignite 

Healing and Excitement in Life. 

Alec Gatton, our grandson, created the book cover image of the Storyteller. 

Living Life Well Is a Daily Opportunity

Why I Enjoy the Subject of Living Well

As a professional independent consultant in establishing and sustaining motivational work environments for eighteen years, I trained executives and managers across America in how to help their people succeed in the important tasks of providing services to customers. 

After experiencing the effects of cancer and it treatments, I retired and began to focus on helping others adjust to the effects of diseases and their remedies by creating retreats for people with cancer, including their families. 

Hundreds of People Have Shared Years of Experience with Me

People who are caregivers, people with cancer and people in their advanced years of maturing have enthusiastically shared life with me. They have enhanced my life and helped me gain wisdom about the effects of our thinking about how we live daily life. My purpose is to also share their wisdom with you.

You Can Learn about How To Help Yourself

Each book presents tools, processes, uplifting stories, and/or brain teasers that stimulate your thinking. My recorded CD allows you to listen to examples of recognizing our personal worth and the value others contribute to us as friends and neighbors. 

Results of Our Mission - Help People Live Well

1. Discussion Group: Living Life Well As Maturing Adults

  • Sharing our life stories, talking about our lives as we are maturing, listening to how others are handling life situations, sharing fun, and building positive living skills has helped our 15 group participants truly enjoy being neighbors. These discussions are based on the book "Tools for Living Life Well As Maturing Adults."
  • Our goal: To sustain happiness, joyfulness, exhilaration, delight, pleasure, excitement, peasfulness, and an occasional thrill while living life's events. 

Our Discussions Are About Life Events

  • Our discussions are often centered on how to enhance our lives by promoting a positive living environment in our community. Our purpose is to collectively learn from each other by sharing our stories, our feelings and our concerns. We talk about negative assumptions and how, by changing those assumptions into positive ones, we can achieve a happier life. 

2. Retreats for Family Caregivers - Gaining Strength

  • The goal of this retreat is to provide Family Caregivers with time, tools, and uplifting thoughts that help them gain strength while engaging God more deeply in their complex caregiving situations. The discussions in this retreat day are based in the book "God's Strengthening Love for Caregivers."
  • Comments of Family Caregivers about their retreat day: This day is about people spending time to help me! The tools for gaining strength are very practical. I now have many new ways to help myself deal with complex situations that change daily. 

Now, It Is Our Family Mission To Help Others

Our granddaughter, Jenna Marie, is co-authoring with me a new book that is coming soon. Jenna is a college graduate and is now pursuing a BSN degree. Then she will pursue a Nurse Practitioner License specializing in mental health. Alec Gatton, our grandson, is a gifted and highly skilled working artist. He will be contributing design and artwork in future editions of the book, "Tools For Lifelong Learning About Living Well."

The involvement of our grandchildren in this life mission is truly a pinnacle experience for me. 

John Patrick Gatton

Our Family Books and CD

God's Strengthening Love for Caregivers

Tools to help family caregivers gain God's strengthening love in their complex living situations. 

Tools For Living Life Well As Maturing Adults

Tools for individual skills development and group discussions about success in meeting the ever-changing challenges in Life's natural cycles. 

Coming Soon: Tools For Lifelong Learning About Living Well

I have had the experience of attending sessions of "Living Well" and found them to be a life enhancing exercise. Everyone needs the advice this book offers to assist them in coping with the stress of everyday life. 

Deacon William Malone, Diocese of Trenton

CD - 19 Stories That Ignite Healing

Background music by Paul Jost, Songwriter, Musician

The Richness of the Catholic Faith

The view of a Christian poet with the enriching experiences of being the father of five wonderful children and the grandfather of their six beautiful children.  

Book cover by Alec Gatton, Grandson.

The Co-Author

Jenna Marie, Granddaughter

Set Free

Imagine a lecture that drones endlessly, a stressful day at the office with a to-do list too long for a page, an extended car ride with no means of entertainment. Nearly everyone has to pull themselves back into reality after staring at life through a selected window. We find ourselves looking through a favored window entertaining thoughts and daydreams to distract us from the task at hand. 

Literally speaking, windows are openings in walls allowing passage of light. However, windows serve a far greater purpose; they display an inviting environment, connect us to nature, become passageways to our inner thoughts, wishes and dreams. 

Windows flood rooms with sunshine and soft breezes during the day and serve as subtle reminders of a nurturing world outside, while we seem immobile inside our lesser thoughts. Windows are catalysts for sparking our imaginations and escaping the mundane in daily life. The windows we choose to view the world can set us free.  


Jenna Marie, Author

About the Value of Positive Beliefs

Believing that life is eternal can have a powerfully positive effect on our ability to deal with dramatic losses in our lives.

The Poem, Imagine - Background Circumstances 

Our daughter, Cynthia Jean, died at age 19 in an automobile accident on March 23, 1985, while in college. On March 24th at about 2 A.M. I was awakened by my inner voice with the urge to write. I went downstairs and picked up a pen and paper; the words began to flow. This was the beginning of my writings. 

Daddy, she said, I am ecstatic. You must write my poem for my friends. It is called, Imagine.


My Poem, Imagine    


Imagine seeing God who creates flowers

Imagine being with God who created the world

Imagine seeing the beauty of God the Father

Imagine Jesus stepping out to greet me

Imagine all of your ancestors calling to say hello

Imagine grandma's eyes

Imagine my surprise

Imagine meeting grandpa for the first time

Imagine time no more

Imagine majesty beyond belief

Imagine seeing God’s face

Imagine life with beauty so incredible it dazzles your eyes

Imagine life with friends of all the ages

Imagine God is larger than the universe

Imagine me trying to put my arms ‘round 

Imagine me among the angels

Imagine the wine of the angels

Imagine lucky me

Imagine being among those who love you so

Imagine love without boundaries

Imagine light that warms

Imagine wind that is still

Imagine saying hello to guardians of trust, hope and love

Imagine God knowing your thoughts, your emotions, your needs

Imagine the delicacy of a rose

Imagine a guardian of beauty

Imagine seeing Mary, the most beautiful mother in the universe

Imagine the tenderness of hands recreating the world each day

Imagine God’s life in each leaf, each blade, each person

Imagine being lifted and carried around Heaven by those who are powerful 

and swift

Imagine a host of Angels that sing just right

Imagine not one frightening thing

Imagine time no more

Imagine Mommy hugging me

Imagine me in your arms

Imagine the sky blue

Imagine I am with you

Imagine sitting with God to talk about what interests you

Imagine experiencing all of this because God loves us

  Love you, Cindy                                                              ©1985, John Patrick Gatton

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